The Plus White Story

  • Most Convenient and Affordable Teeth Whitening Product on the Market
  • Universal Mouth Tray Included for Maximum Comfort
  • StainGuard Rinse Protects and Locks in Whiteness
  • 5 Minute Whitening for Quick & Easy Results
  • LESS Post Whitening Sensitivity

Plus White began its teeth whitening journey in the late 90’s as the makers of the first whitening toothpaste. They continued to build the Plus White name with the Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System that has granted them to the title as the most trusted and affordable solution for teeth whitening. Today, Plus White® offers the most economical and efficient systems and gels for full-coverage whitening as well as premium whitening toothpastes. Our innovation team is continuously working to develop new products that service all teeth whitening needs and bring a brighter and whiter smile to every home!